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Jiande City Hongtai Electrical Appliance Tool Co.,Ltd is located in zhejiang province, is MeiChengZhen resurfaced JianDeShi industrial production European, American, British and multi-function series power sockets and repair lamp, extension to the professional manufacturers. From the production equipment, production process and testing equipment guarantee the quality of our products, the enterprise has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, orders than twenty variety of products before made GS, CE, VDE international security authentication.

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production European, American, British and multi-function series power sockets and repair lamp


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Switch Socket Industry Status

The main consumers who purchase commercial housing at this stage are those born in the mid-1970s and 1980s....

  • How to repair multifunctional sockets

    If the socket is broken, many friends will choose to repair it, which can not only reuse the socket but also save a lot of money on purchasing a new one. So, if a multifunctional socket is broken, how can it be repairedThe first step is to identify the ca

  • How to install American style sockets

    After purchasing the socket, apart from being a socket, most sockets need to be installed first before they can be used, and American sockets are no exception. Next, let's learn how to install American sockets together.Firstly, handle the power cord a

  • The difference between American and British sockets

    In addition to American sockets, there are many standards for sockets worldwide, such as standard sockets, British standard sockets, non-standard sockets, etc. Different standard sockets are suitable for different countries. They will also have significan

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