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How to repair multifunctional sockets

If the socket is broken, many friends will choose to repair it, which can not only reuse the socket but also save a lot of money on purchasing a new one. So, if a multifunctional socket is broken, how can it be repairedThe first step is to identify the cause of the socket failur

Usually, sockets cannot be used properly, which may be due to poor contact with the socket or a loose connection of the power cord at the back of the panel. If it is the former, it indicates that the socket is no longer repairable. If it is the latter, it can be resolved by disassembling and repairing it.

Step 2, repair according to the correct steps

If it is confirmed that the socket can still be repaired, it is necessary to follow the following steps for operation, and be careful and patient during maintenance.

1. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on both sides of the socket panel and socket;

2. Find the wiring post inside the socket and tighten the virtual power cord with screws;

3. Install the socket in a fixed position and tighten the left and right screws;

4. Push open the air switch and check if the socket can be used normally;

5. If it is confirmed that it has been repaired, simply reinstall the panel.