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The difference between American and British sockets

In addition to American sockets, there are many standards for sockets worldwide, such as standard sockets, British standard sockets, non-standard sockets, etc. Different standard sockets are suitable for different countries. They will also have significant differences in appearance and functionality. So, what is the difference between American and British sockets?

Firstly, the appearance is different. The American standard plug has a round and two flat shape, and the socket is made according to the standard of the plug; The British standard plug has three square heads, and the socket is also produced according to this feature.

Secondly, it applies to different countries. British sockets are used in countries and regions such as the UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Maldives, Qatar, etc.

Thirdly, the size is different. The standard size of the socket naturally varies depending on the shape of the plug. American sockets are slightly larger in size than British sockets.

Fourthly, the prices are different. Different production sites, different types of sockets, and different users ultimately result in different prices for American and British standard sockets.